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A Plastic Bag Package For T-Shirts and Plastic Bags

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A plastic bag package includes three layers. The bottom of the bag is a seal line, while the top and sides are sealed lines. The layers have a nested arrangement, which tends to lay flatter. The bags have the same number of sealed edges at all three locations. The top and bottom edges of the folded bags are also the same. When the top and bottom bags are placed side by side, they form a triangle.

The bottom of the plastic bag package is flat and the top of the plastic bag is sealed. In both planes, there are sealing edges that increase the thickness of the plastic bags at their edges. The sealed edges are positioned at the ends of the folded bag and at the center of the stack. In the nested arrangement, the number of sealed edge remains constant. In this way, the top and bottom layers are both stable. The weight bearing capacity of the packaging is less than the prior art.

The invention provides a new way to package T-shirt and plastic bags. The new style of packaging is more stable than that of prior art, and the stacked bundles tend to lay flatter. The packaging can also be lighter and made of cheaper materials, because the number of sealed edges in each place is equal. The result is a more attractive package that saves money and energy. It is a great solution for consumers who want to cut back on their plastic consumption and still maintain a greener environment.

The new style of packaging plastic bags has many advantages over the previous one. It is flexible and can withstand the weight of more products than the previous design. Its advantage over the prior art is that it is less expensive. It can be made of cheaper materials and it will not cause any damage to the environment. It is also better than the original, so it is more environmentally friendly. When using it for packaging plastic bags, it is essential to understand the composition of the material it's packed in.

The plastic bags that are used in the market today are made from polyethylene. This polymer starts as ethylene, which can be obtained from oil or natural gas. Then, it is changed to suit different types of bags. The process of changing polyethylene into different shapes is easy and inexpensive. For example, the polymer can be easily molded into a variety of shapes. Therefore, a plastic bag package can be customized to suit the needs of different customers.

The invention provides a new method for packaging plastic bags and T-shirt bags. This new method allows for a more stable stack than the prior art. The weight-bearing capacity of the packaging is also more than doubled, and the plastic bag package is much cheaper than its competitors. However, it is a necessity to use more expensive materials than those used in the prior art. The advantages of this type of packaging are clear.



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