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Large Woven Polypropylene Bags

Product Description

Pp woven bag (8)


Woven polypropylene bags 


pp webbing 


CMYK or panton color 


12 pcs/bail,120 pcs/package

Delivery time 

25 days after confirming the sample 

Sampel time

7 days


customized logo and design is acceptable 

Sample fee

free (factory design) ,customer design each  $200

Mould fee 

each color $100

Woven polypropylene bags are made of a synthetic fabric that is usually dyed in various hues. This is done by inserting dye into the fabric and allowing it to dry. The dyed fabric is then shaped into a bag or bag cloth, or both. Large woven polypropylene bags are often used for items like furniture, bags, and luggage.

Large woven polypropylene bags have a higher density than normal fabric. Because of this, they can be much heavier. This is especially so in the case of large woven polypropylene bags. Some large woven polypropylene bags are also made from nylon as a cheaper alternative to dyed polypropylene fabric. Because of their large size, woven polypropylene bags are ideal for carrying large items like groceries, clothing, and even liquids such as bottled water. They are also commonly used in factories and stores to carry liquids.

Large woven polypropylene bags are generally made with either cotton or nylon. This is because they can be molded into numerous shapes. These shapes can be combined with various colored dyes and woven together in many different colors. Large woven polypropylene bags can be used for a wide range of purposes. They are also used extensively in the textile industry as well as in industrial and commercial settings. For instance, a variety of woven polypropylene bags are made for industrial purposes. These are typically used in textile mills to carry raw materials from one area to another.

Some woven polypropylene bags are also used in stores. These are made of cloth and are used to keep various items in stock, such as fruits and vegetables. In some cases, large woven polypropylene bags are also used to carry liquid, such as fruit juice. This is because large woven polypropylene bags can withstand extremely high temperatures without melting.

Woven polypropylene bags are quite popular because they are inexpensive to make. Manufacturers are able to purchase large amounts of polypropylene and dye it in numerous different colors at very low cost. Also, there is a large supply of these polypropylene bags on hand. Since they can be easily made into bags, manufacturers will not have any problem when it comes to storing them and handling them. This is due to the fact that large woven polypropylene bags can be stored in the warehouse.

Large woven polypropylene bags are a great choice for businesses and individuals who need a lot of supplies but are unable to purchase them in bulk. or who are looking to reduce their cost per item. purchase only a few smaller supplies. It is also a convenient way to carry supplies around. Large woven polypropylene bags are also used extensively in factories to carry liquids, fruits and vegetables, and liquids in the factory environment. There are also some large woven polypropylene bags that are used for industrial purposes as well.


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