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Plastic Grocery Bag Alternatives

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Carrier bags, plastic grocery bags, or plastic grocery wrappers are a generic form of plastic carrier bag made of various types of plastic and used as grocery shopping bags. In common use since the early 1960's, these plastic grocery bags can be called single-use plastic bags, indicating the single time that these bags will be used. They are most often made of strong plastic but are also available in a variety of vinyl types. These bags may be purchased almost anywhere groceries are sold.

With today's emphasis on recycling, reusing and minimizing waste of all forms, it is not surprising that plastic grocery bags have seen a rebirth as a popular form of recycling. Reusing plastic grocery bags can be an excellent way for individuals to "go green." This practice encourages recycling, reduces waste and has positive environmental impacts. As consumers become more educated about the positive environmental impacts of plastic usage, they may also begin to reevaluate the roles that shopping and other lifestyle habits play in contributing to environmental pollution and waste.

Using plastic grocery bags wisely means that you are being kinder to Mother Nature and to the environment. The average plastic bag, when full, can hold up to 5 pounds of trash, including food debris, water marks, oil, bird droppings, pet dander, dirt, etc. The average American uses 100 billion plastic grocery bags per year. When these bags are disposed of without being recycled, they can cause environmental pollution and litter problems, not to mention the negative health effects that can result from ingesting harmful plastic chemicals.

Reusing plastic bags helps to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills, while reducing the amount of garbage that ends up in the local landfill. While eating produce from your own kitchen garden is a good idea for cutting down on the amount of trash that you produce, it is much better to reuse your plastic grocery bags for items bought at the store. It is a better idea to buy produce from a farm or co-op than from the store, since it is always fresher and has been handled more gently than in the store. If you need to purchase bulk items, it is best to order them online and bring them home to consume in your home, rather than leaving them in the can or bin for days. It may be tempting to throw away a perfectly good plastic bag, but doing so is not environmentally responsible.

If you are unable to change your plastic grocery bags or the way you wash them, then you may want to consider purchasing new bags or investing in new reusable composite lumber. There are many benefits of investing in new bags. New plastic bags can be washed and reused several times before they tear. Over time, this new bag can reduce your household's waste significantly.

The most environmentally responsible option is to purchase new bags or invest in reusable bags. You will be making a positive contribution to helping the environment and reusing resources. Your friends and family will notice a new, cleaner look to your home when they visit. Buying plastic grocery bags is an easy way to contribute to the green movement while saving money at the same time.

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