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polypropylene non woven bags

Product Description

Product Description


Woven polypropylene bags 


pp webbing 


CMYK or panton color 


12 pcs/bail,120 pcs/package

Delivery time 

25 days after confirming the sample 

Sampel time

7 days


customized logo and design is acceptable 

Sample fee

free (factory design) ,customer design each  $200

Mould fee 

each color $100

With more people looking to save on their costs, non woven bags are a very popular choice. As a result, non woven bag printing is now a very profitable business in the world. A prime example of the various products produced by the industry is non-woven bags. These come in very useful when you're going shopping for groceries especially since they're even more durable than conventional plastic bags. One very important feature to think about when buying a non-woven bag is that they should always be made of natural materials. The natural materials should never include plastic, so you don't have to worry about these damaging your goods. Since non-woven bags are considered to be environmentally friendly, these bags are also highly appreciated.

Non-Woven Bag Printing companies also specialize in producing customized bags. Many companies offer customized non-woven bags with printed messages, designs, logos, etc. These customized bags are available in different designs and colors, which can easily make a difference in the appearance of your store or establishment. They're great as promotional items that can be given out at trade shows, conventions, or any kind of special event. Since customized bags are usually made using eco-friendly materials, you can feel pretty good knowing that your company has been taking an active part in helping to promote green initiatives and save the planet at the same time. When purchasing these products, ensure that the materials are all organic and non-toxic.

Non woven bag printing businesses have an extensive list of customers to provide services to. The most popular areas of their services are restaurants, hotels, motels, retail stores, gift shops, and office supply chains. Their non woven bag printers are available in different formats such as T-shirts, bags, tote bags, and lunch bags among many others. Because the business offers these unique products to their customers, their prices differ depending on the size and materials needed to print the product. For instance, t-shirt printing is more expensive than tote bag printing. Although both are highly effective in promoting your business, you should opt to use the best printing company so that your advertising efforts go a long way towards helping the environment and helping to save our environment in general.



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