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Category:Woven polypropylene bags
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Product Description


120 pcs/package  orcustomized

12 pcs/bail, each package 10 designs .

100 pcs.ctn or customized

10 pcs/polybag or customized

Woven polypropylene baggage are the opportunity to disposable plastic luggage mainly utilized by retailers. They are well known for their electricity ensured by means of a specific mesh covered by using a plastic layer. By this way, those bags are solid, water-proof and washable and they have convinced a massive majority. In fact, the polypropylene bag has grow to be more and more famous in view that the remaining many years especially way to its long lasting and sustainable functions for the environment.

These luggage are more eco friendly than usual plastic bags and they're more handy and greater resistant. Generally, those woven polypropylene luggage are used a good way to p.C. different type of gadgets as foods, cement or chemical merchandise for example. This range of bags may be indefinitely declined in line with dimensions, thickness, strips, closures, choice of printing or lamination. However, these woven polypropylene bags must be kept far from the solar due to the fact this material can be deteriorated below the sun light. In addition, these bags are defined consistent with their color, the non-slip remedy and the UV protection. Then, the motive is categorized by using the weight in kg, the extent in litre, the density of the content material and the grain size of the content.

To manufacture those bags, several steps and numerous machines are necessary. The method is as easy as rigorous and requires frequent first-class controls. Extrusion is the primary step had to make those bags. It consists in reworking a polymer (in the shape of granulate or thermoplastic powder) into an extended thread of variable thickness depending on the very last product (cables, tubes, sheets, films, fabric fibers, plates, baggage, etc.). For the manufacture of plastic bags and films, blow movie extrusion is used. The raw fabric is then melted and stretched so that it will form a movie of a described thickness. This will then be cooled by means of a thermostatically managed roller. Once completed extrusion, the next step is to wrap smoothly and progressively over the plastic strips so that it will shape rolls. These rollers are used for the subsequent stage, the weaving of polypropylene thanks to the circular looms. It is a specific system that produces woven fabrics based on flat tube-fashioned polypropylene threads. Once these tubes were obtained, the subsequent step is to print the colors, inscriptions and pics ordered by means of the customer. This step offers the bag a personalized design in line with the described instructions. To do this, the patterns are printed on the bags with an ink pad. Then, slicing and sewing remains. To reduce the luggage in line with the precise dimensions, equipments are programmed. However, for the stitching the human information is needed.

Now, you have learn extra approximately the idea and the manufacturing of theses woven polypropylene baggage. More useful, more handy, extra eco pleasant and stronger, those luggage are a good buy for your every day life.


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