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Tips on Buying Hand Printed Bags

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As you know, not all discount and store brand bags are created equal. That's why having a bag package with your regular printing plate can help you save more money on bulk orders of promotional or printed promotional items. Here is an overview of pricing for bulk paper shopping bags, with a brief description of the printing process used in the process.

First, let's look at the process of hot stamping pricing shown below. The price shown is per piece, unless otherwise stated. For instance, if a bag package with one sheet of promotional item will cost only $3.00, it is priced as a set. The price shown includes the shipping charge. There may also be an additional charge for handling and assembly. The total of the pricing shown should include only those costs not already included in the quoted quote for your specific order.

After the customer selects the bag package, the customer enters in the quantity desired, then selects the design he or she desires. After selecting a design, it goes to the hot-stamped area on the printing plate. There, a heat seal is applied, which helps form the imprint or design on the bag package.

A sheet of thin cardboard or thin board is laid on top of the hot stamped area to protect it. Then, an aluminum or copper foil is placed over the hot stamped area to form a hard surface upon which the design is printed. In most cases, the size of the foil is chosen to match the size of the printed image. After the foil is placed on top of the hot stamped area, the bag package is ready to be shipped. When the order is received, the fulfillment company will prepare the bag package, assemble it and then make any price adjustments before shipping it out.

As mentioned above, pricing for each individual bag package is different. The price is determined by the number of individual pieces in the bag, the quantity printed, and the location of the printed image. However, to keep the price as low as possible, most companies charge extra for any additional items such as tags, return labels, cushion covers, and so on. Therefore, it's important to know the total price of the entire package before you order.

Once a customer has ordered a bag, they must wait for the product to be prepared and then receive it in the mail. Most companies that specialize in this product type have online catalogs that show photos of the product and description of each individual bag. Online catalogs are an excellent way to search for a specific style and brand of bag. Many of these catalogs will even show photos of actual bags that customers have bought and used. By taking advantage of these resources, a customer can easily find the perfect bag for their needs.



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