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Types of Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags

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Grocery bags are large sized plastic bags, usually around 20lbs in weight, which are utilized by consumers to carry their groceries home. Some are designed as single-use disposable items, while others are made into reusable grocery bags; the latter are more beneficial for environmental reasons. They are reusable and thus reduce the need to throw out tons of unused bags every year. In addition, the use of grocery bags creates less waste and is an easy way to contribute towards reducing the landfill waste produced in the United States. Also, these reusable grocery bags offer a sense of security to the consumer, knowing that his or her purchases are being made from a reusable manufacturer.

There are different types of grocery bags, including paper ones, jute shopping bags and five pack shopping bags. As previously mentioned, these grocery bags come in a wide variety of materials, including plastic, jute and even cloth. Each one is designed to meet a specific purpose and can be purchased in a large selection of colors, sizes and patterns. Here are some of the more common types of plastic shopping cart bags:

Polypropylene (PP) Bags -These are eco-friendly grocery bags that come in a variety of color and pattern options. PP bags are made from a combination of synthetic and natural polymer fibers that produce a durable, tear-resistant material that's also quite flexible. The manufacturing process used to create these grocery bags is considered to be completely green, meaning it doesn't involve any harmful chemicals or pesticides. While these bags are quite durable, they do tear easily; hence, it is important that they are stored with care. Some brands of these bags include Reebok and Trojan.

Single-Use Plastic Bags - These are among the most widely used plastic grocery bags and are available in a wide range of single-use patterns as well as multiple-use options. These plastic bags can be reused over again and can thus help reduce waste, especially since they can be used as a reusable gift container. The only downside to these reusable grocery bags is that they cannot hold very heavy items, like paper bags, and they cannot be used as drop-side bags. These reusable grocery bags can be purchased in various single-piece patterns at affordable rates.

Recycled Plastic Bags - The third kind of eco-friendly grocery bag is recycled plastic bags, which are manufactured using materials that did not go through hazardous processing processes. These kinds of bags have the highest emission rates, but they are still very useful and convenient. Many restaurants now use these reusable bags, which can make their food items reusable and environmentally safe for consumption. However, the price of these kinds of bags can be rather expensive. They are also very low in terms of durability, making them unsuitable for high levels of usage.

Disposable Plastic Bags - Last but certainly not least is the disposable plastic bag. These kinds of bags are generally made from polypropylene and do not have any kind of air permeability properties. As a result, they are ideal for hot and sweaty situations, since they cannot hold on to the odors emitted by food. They cannot be reused either, making them an undesirable choice for many uses. These are among the most heavily used kinds of disposable plastic bags and account for the vast majority of disposable plastic bags in the market.



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