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What Is a Non-Woven Polypropylene Bag and How Do They Work?

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Non-woven nylon is a polypropylene polymer. This is a clear plastic, but the word 'nylon' is not in the product name. So what is this technology?

Polypropylene or PP is a polymer that has a high tensile strength and ductility. It is widely used as a resilient material for fiber and rubber products. Manufacturers of plastic bags will often use it for the main bag liner as well as several smaller pockets. It is also used in areas such as for nylons, netting, and bondo.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) bag usually has a polyester and polyamide or ethylene groups. These groups are on a molecular level similar to those found in cotton, wool, and other natural fibers. This enables them to wick moisture away from the material being kept inside. These qualities allow it to be very waterproof.

When a polypropylene bag is heated up, it expands, and as a result, the material inside can heat up and contract. The expansion and contraction of the material cause the material to 'roll' and to expand again when the bag is cooled. This expansion and contraction happen even if the air temperature outside the bag is constant.

When the micro temperatures get too high, they cannot stay inside the bag because of the expansion, and it can expand and contract uncontrollably. Even when the temperature inside the bag is constant, it can still lose thermal capacity at different rates. These variations in thermal capacity can cause the material inside to lose its shape and size.

Now that we know what non-woven bags are, let's look at a product we may have seen before, the small basket, that hangs from the side of a bag. Now, since it has to contain a certain amount of weight, then it must contain enough weight for the inside of the bag. This means that the weight of the bag, whether it is made of plastic or metal, will be the same.

But, if we do not want to be subject to the weight limitations of a plastic basket, then we can use a metal cinch that will allow the metal cinches to sit under the weight limits. It does the same thing, allowing the plastic basket to be lifted off the water surface so that we can handle the goods easily.

To use a non-woven polypropylene bag, then the polymers must be properly mixed in the bag, and then the water content must be mixed up evenly in the bag. Without the proper combination of material, the bag will not function and will be useless.


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