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Why Bother With Biodegradable Bags?

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Why do people use biodegradable bags? They are becoming more popular as we all become more environmentally conscious. The new ones from biodegradable manufacturers can be re-used and are going to stay as biodegradable materials for a very long time.

The most popular types of bags are cloth or paper which are going to degrade faster than polythene or plastic. Plastic bags will degrade in less than a year while cloth or paper bags may only take ten years. Cloth and paper will decompose at a much slower rate. These days there are bags available that are made of wheat grass or even potato peel. These biodegradable materials can be re-used and recycled.

Biodegradable material is also available on the market today for environmental purposes. There are products that are compostable and this can be beneficial in your garden. This could reduce the amount of pesticides used, promote soil health and also be a great resource for local farmers. It is a great way to encourage composting which helps with soil health as well.

It is also possible to make biodegradable material by using recycled paper. This is great as the recycled paper will not deteriorate like some of the other materials. You will need to soak the paper in water to make it easier to work with but the end result will be a bag that is biodegradable. When you put the biodegradable bags out for the birds, they can actually eat the plastic as the animals feed on the leaves and the paper won't decompose like other bags.

Biodegradable bags can be used in any place where there are pets, children. If you have pets, they can not only leave a mess, but they can also chew the plastic and you may have to replace it more often. Children who play with toys can also injure themselves so it is important to use biodegradable material with children who can cause damage.

The environment is much better off with biodegradable bags that are non-toxic. You can have them composted and you can donate them to schools or send them to other places in need of them. You should look into re-using biodegradable bags as the re-use can reduce the impact that this product has on the environment.

Whether you are using biodegradable materials on your own or you have your company use these materials, these bags are a great way to go. They will not affect the environment like many other types of bags and they are still biodegradable.

Some companies, such as Frisbee, even use biodegradable materials when giving away their merchandise. This is because of the environmental concerns that are part of this type of material.


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