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woven polypropylene bags misprints

Product Description

Woven Polypropylene Bags are made by interwoven, or woven, polypropylene sheets into a tight weave. This makes the material strong and light but it also means that it does not absorb much moisture. Woven polypropylene bags are made by tightly weaving a small circle of polypropylene into a larger circle of polyethylene making a strong, yet lightweight material. The front and back are then sewing closed leaving the top side open to pack the product securely into the bag. This type of bag is very convenient and can be used for most packaging tasks as the bag itself acts as the container for the product and it is not necessary to store products on the outside of the bag. In addition, this type of bag is much more durable than other types of plastic storage containers.

Woven bags use polyethylene as their main ingredient, which has been proven to be a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to other materials used in packaging. Many plastics degrade over time but because the synthetic polymer does not change color or get soft like many other plastics, woven bags do not degrade, just as they are designed to do. Because woven polypropylene bags are made of a very light weight material, they are very versatile for any type of packaging application. This means that you can use a bag to package foods, drinks, clothing and more.

Because these bags are so easy to clean and care for, they are often used by retailers to package their goods. These bags are extremely durable and will not break easily. They are also extremely convenient and allow consumers to have a much easier time storing their items on store shelves. For all of these reasons, woven polypropylene bags make an excellent choice for packaging your goods.


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