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polypropylene woven bags suppliers

Category:Woven polypropylene bags
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Product Description


120 pcs/package  orcustomized

12 pcs/bail, each package 10 designs .

100 pcs.ctn or customized

10 pcs/polybag or customized

Defining Different Types of Bags

We’ve grouped varieties of grocery baggage into two categories: disposable and reusable.

Disposable Bags

Basic Plastic (HDPE) – High Density Polyethylene – that is the lightweight unmarried-use plastic baggage you find at almost every grocery store.

Paper – Paper bags are less not unusual than plastic luggage but can nevertheless be found in a few stores. They are the original “disposable” bag and are meant for unmarried use.

Reusable Bags

Cotton – These baggage are regularly known as “totes”. They are woven from cotton and are build to be reused generally.

Polypropylene – This is one of the most commonplace kinds of reusable baggage now being distributed through retailers. Made from a extra long lasting plastic than the HDPE bag, this reusable bag is construct to be reused commonly and frequently has a rigid insert within the backside for introduced strength.


How do those different varieties of bags stack up?

A lifecycle analysis look at conducted by the UK government that assessed the lifestyles cycle of these various styles of bags provides some of the quality records we have.

In this look at they assessed the following aspects of each bag’s existence:

Extraction and production of raw substances

The manufacturing process

Transportation to very last destination

End of lifestyles – collection, landfill, incineration, etc.

Avoided merchandise and recycling – the avoidance of virigin substances through secondary reuse or recycling

The consequences of this observe is a contrast of the worldwide warming potential (GWP) also referred to as the ‘carbon footprint’ for each type of bag.



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