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zipper packaging bags

Category:Woven polypropylene bags
Supply Ability:From - Xiangyun Weave Bag Co., Ltd.
Payment Terms:LC(Letter of Credit), T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Alibaba
Product Description


120 pcs/package  orcustomized

12 pcs/bail, each package 10 designs .

100 pcs.ctn or customized

10 pcs/polybag or customized

Xiangyun Weave Bag of the very best clarity, our precise Polypropylene Xiangyun Weave zipper baggage are incredible for showing the true colour of the contents while protecting them. These are the clearest zip luggage in the industry.

PE Zippers Polyethylene Zipper luggage which can be bendy and with true resistance. Great for holding quite a few items.

White Block Zips Zip Bags made with a white block for easy labeling. Great for hardware stores, manufacturing companies, gift luggage, and much more.

Stand Up Zipper Pouches Bags most generally used to package food that zip closed and make extraordinary show pieces.

Sliding Zips One of the maximum classic styles of zipper baggage, our wholesale sliding zipper luggage are high readability and fee well beneath retail pricing.



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