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CMYK 180g Non Woven Shopping Bag Custom Non Woven Bags For Shopping With Folding Handle

2000 PCS
CMYK 180g Non Woven Shopping Bag Custom Non Woven Bags For Shopping With Folding Handle
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Customized Logo: Available
Key: Non-woven Bag
Purpose: PP Shopping Bag
Weight Of Woven: 100g---180g
Durable: Yes
Packing: Carton Box/pp Package
Raw Material: Pp
Feature: Disposable|biodegradable
High Light:

CMYK Non Woven Shopping Bag


180g Non Woven Shopping Bag


custom non woven bags For Shopping

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: XIANGYUN
Certification: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 12 PCS/BALE,120 PCS/PACKAGE
Delivery Time: 20 Days after confirming the sample
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50000 PCS/DAY
Product Description

Product Description:

Non Woven Bag - Your Eco-Friendly Shopping Companion

Are you tired of using plastic bags every time you go shopping? Do you want to contribute to protecting the environment? Then, it's time to switch to non woven bags! Our non woven bags are made from high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. They are not only perfect for shopping but also for storage and promotion.


Our non woven bags are packed in a sturdy carton box or pp package to ensure safe delivery. You can choose the packaging option that suits your needs.


Our non woven bags are designed to withstand heavy loads and frequent use. They are made from strong and tear-resistant material, making them the perfect choice for all your shopping needs.


Our non woven bags have multiple functions. They can be used for storage, promotion, and of course, shopping. They are spacious enough to hold all your groceries, clothes, or any other items you need.

Feather: Folding Handle

The folding handle feature of our non woven bags makes them easy to carry around. You can fold the handles and keep them in your bag when not in use, saving space and making them convenient to use.

Feature: Disposable|biodegradable

Our non woven bags are not only eco-friendly but also disposable and biodegradable. This means that they can be easily disposed of and will naturally decompose over time, without causing harm to the environment.

So, say goodbye to plastic bags and make the switch to our non woven shopping bags. They are not only stylish and easy to use but also contribute to a greener and cleaner environment. Order now and be a part of the eco-friendly revolution!



XIANGYUN Non Woven Bag
About the Product

The XIANGYUN Non Woven Bag is a top-quality product that is proudly made in China. It is made of laminated non woven fabric, which is a type of durable and lightweight material that is commonly used in the production of bags. This product is certified with ISO9001, ensuring its quality and reliability. It has a minimum order quantity of 2000 pieces and is priced at $0.3 to $0.8 per piece, making it an affordable and cost-effective choice for your business needs.


Our XIANGYUN Non Woven Bag is suitable for various uses, making it a versatile product for different industries. Here are some of its common applications:

  • Storage: This bag is perfect for storing various items, such as clothes, accessories, and even food. Its lightweight and durable material make it easy to carry and suitable for different types of storage needs.
  • Promotion: The laminated non woven material of this bag allows for high-quality printing, making it an excellent choice for promotional purposes. You can customize the design and print your company logo or message to promote your brand effectively.
  • Shopping: This bag is an ideal choice for shopping as it is spacious, durable, and lightweight. You can use it as a reusable shopping bag, reducing the use of single-use plastic bags and promoting environmental sustainability.

The XIANGYUN Non Woven Bag can be used in various scenes, making it a practical and functional choice for your business. Here are some scenarios where our bag can be useful:

  • Retail Stores: These bags are perfect for retail stores as they can be used for carrying purchases, promoting the store's brand, and reducing the use of plastic bags.
  • Trade Shows and Events: Our bags can be used as promotional items and giveaways at trade shows and events, increasing brand awareness and promoting your business.
  • Grocery and Supermarkets: With the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products, our bags are an excellent choice for grocery and supermarkets. Customers can purchase and reuse these bags, reducing the use of single-use plastic bags.
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If you are interested in our XIANGYUN Non Woven Bag, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. You can reach us through the following channels:

  • Phone: +86 1234 5678
  • Email:
  • Address: No. 123, Xiangyun Road, China
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Brand Name: XIANGYUN
Place of Origin: CN
Certification: ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 PCS
Price: $0.3--$0.8
Packaging Details: 12 PCS/BALE,120 PCS/PACKAGE
Delivery Time: 20 Days after confirming the sample
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50000 PCS/DAY
Customized Logo: Available

Key: Non-woven Bag

Packing: Carton Box/pp Package

Purpose: PP Shopping Bag

Feature: Disposable|biodegradable

Looking for high quality pp bags for your business? Look no further! XIANGYUN, a leading pp bags manufacturer, offers customized laminated non woven bags to meet your specific needs.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping:

Each Non woven bag is carefully packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe delivery. The box is then sealed with tape to prevent any damage or tampering during transportation.

Our standard shipping method is via air freight, which usually takes 3-5 business days for delivery. Other shipping options such as sea freight or express delivery can be arranged upon request.

For international orders, please note that any customs fees or import taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email to track your package's journey until it reaches your doorstep.



  • Q: What is the brand name for this product?
    A: The brand name for this product is XIANGYUN.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
    A: This product is manufactured in China.
  • Q: Is this product certified?
    A: Yes, this product is certified with ISO9001.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
    A: The minimum order quantity for this product is 2000 PCS.
  • Q: What is the price range for this product?
    A: The price range for this product is $0.3--$0.8.
  • Q: How is this product packaged?
    A: This product is packaged with 12 PCS per bale and 120 PCS per package.
  • Q: How long does it take to deliver this product?
    A: It takes 20 days after confirming the sample to deliver this product.
  • Q: What are the payment terms for this product?
    A: The payment terms for this product are T/T (Telegraphic Transfer).
  • Q: What is the supply ability for this product?
    A: The supply ability for this product is 50000 PCS per day.
  • Q: Eco-friendly shopping bag design concept

​ A:  The design concept of environmentally friendly shopping bags aims to solve the harm caused by traditional plastic bags to the environment and improve the sustainability of the packaging industry. The design of environmentally friendly shopping bags needs to follow the principles of reducing material waste, recycling and recycling, and use advanced technologies such as degradable materials and renewable energy to achieve it. In addition, the design of environmentally friendly shopping bags also needs to focus on humanization and fashion elements to attract more consumers to use them.

In the actual design process, you can start from the following aspects:

Material selection: Choose degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly materials, such as canvas, paper, biodegradable plastics, etc. These materials not only help reduce environmental pollution but also increase the service life of the product.

Design innovation: Combining fashion elements and humanized design makes environmentally friendly shopping bags more attractive. For example, unique patterns, colors and shapes can be used, as well as convenient carrying methods.

Technology application: Use advanced technical means, such as renewable energy, biodegradation technology, etc., to achieve the sustainable development of environmentally friendly shopping bags.

Recycling: Encourage consumers to use environmentally friendly shopping bags multiple times to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. Consumers can be made willing to reuse environmentally friendly shopping bags by improving product quality and increasing service life.

Publicity and promotion: Increase the publicity of environmentally friendly shopping bags and improve public awareness of environmental protection. The government, enterprises and all sectors of society are working together to promote the use of environmentally friendly shopping bags and gradually replace traditional plastic bags.

In short, the design concept of environmentally friendly shopping bags should be based on sustainable development, taking into account environmental protection, fashion and practicality. Through continuous innovation and optimized design, we promote the popularization and application of environmentally friendly shopping bags and contribute to the protection of the global environment.

11: Q: How to use non-woven shopping bags correctly

 A:  As an environmentally friendly alternative, non-woven shopping bags have gradually replaced traditional plastic shopping bags. However, correct usage is crucial to get the most out of its environmentally friendly properties. The following are the key points for using non-woven shopping bags correctly:

1. Pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of non-woven shopping bags
The load-bearing capacity of non-woven shopping bags is an important parameter to pay attention to when using them. In order to prevent the handle of the shopping bag from being pulled off or the bottom from being burst, make sure that the load weight does not exceed the bearing range of the shopping bag. Different non-woven shopping bags have different load-bearing capacities, so you should choose shopping bags with appropriate specifications when loading items.

2. Reuse non-woven shopping bags
Non-woven shopping bags are designed to be reusable, which is one of their environmentally friendly features. In order to extend the service life of non-woven shopping bags and reduce the impact on the environment, shopping bags should be reused as much as possible. After each use, shopping bags should be cleaned promptly and properly stored for next use.

3. Clean non-woven shopping bags
Since non-woven shopping bags are a green product, their cleaning process is particularly important. When cleaning, choose the appropriate detergent and avoid cleaning methods that may cause damage to shopping bags. In addition, you should pay attention to fully drying the washed shopping bags and avoid storing them in a humid environment to prevent mildew.

4. Load items properly
When loading items, consider the size and shape of the shopping bag, as well as the volume and weight of the items being loaded. Items that are too large or heavy may exceed the carrying capacity of the shopping bag, causing the bag to break. Therefore, you should choose items that fit the size of your shopping bag for loading.

5. Suitable as advertising materials
Non-woven shopping bags can not only be used as environmentally friendly shopping bags, but can also be printed with advertisements or logos on their surfaces and used as corporate advertising materials. In this case, companies should plan when distributing shopping bags and distribute them in appropriate quantities to avoid unnecessary waste and environmental pressure.

Through the above-mentioned methods of correctly using non-woven shopping bags, we can maximize its environmental protection performance, while extending its service life, bringing more benefits to businesses and society.

12: Q: Correct way to wash reusable bags

A:   The washing methods of reusable bags vary depending on the material. The following is the correct way to wash non-woven environmentally friendly bags:

1. Soak
Before cleaning the non-woven environmentally friendly bags, you can soak them in water. The specific method is to use cold water or warm washing powder to soak for ten to twenty minutes. It should be noted that the soaking time should not be too long, because non-woven materials are easily decomposed by water if soaked in water for a long time. In addition, in order to prevent non-woven environmentally friendly bags from fading, you should avoid using washing products containing bleach or fluorescence.

2. Hand wash
When cleaning non-woven reusable bags, it is recommended to wash them gently by hand instead of using a washing machine. This is because the washing machine may cause wrinkles and deformation of the bag. During hand washing, you should also avoid using a brush as this may cause the surface of the non-woven environmentally friendly bag to be rough and uneven.

3. Mild detergents
When choosing detergents, you should choose mild detergents and avoid using detergents that contain bleach or fluorescent agents. These ingredients may cause the non-woven reusable bags to fade or become discolored. If it is white or other colors that fade easily, it is recommended to use a neutral and soft detergent for cleaning, such as shampoo or dish soap with fabric softener such as gold spinning.

4. Avoid high temperatures
During the cleaning process, you should avoid using high-temperature hot water, because non-woven fabrics are finished products that are assembled by wire mesh. Curing agents are added during production and cannot be washed at high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to use cold water for cleaning and not to dry in the sun. It should be dried in a cool place.

5. Special treatment for first cleaning
If the non-woven environmentally friendly bag is cleaned for the first time, some special treatment methods can be adopted to prevent it from fading. For example, add some salt and white vinegar to the cleaning water. After they are completely mixed, soak the bag in the water for about 30 minutes before cleaning. Do not rub during the cleaning process to avoid damaging the non-woven bag with excessive force.

6. Arrange and dry
After cleaning, the non-woven environmentally friendly bag should be flattened first. It is best to dry or blow-dry it quickly. Keep the temperature low during drying and blow-drying; or remove excess water and place it flat in a cool and ventilated place. Dry in shade. This will prevent surface damage to the bag during the drying process.

The above is the correct way to wash non-woven environmentally friendly bags. By following these methods, you can ensure the longevity and neat appearance of your reusable bags.

13: Q: Characteristics of non-woven environmentally friendly bags

 A:  Non-woven environmentally friendly bags, also known as non-woven environmentally friendly bags, are a green product with various characteristics. The following are its main features:

1. Environmental protection
The biggest feature of non-woven environmentally friendly bags is their environmental protection. They are made of materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), which are not easily degraded, but compared to plastic bags, non-woven environmentally friendly bags are thicker and tougher, making them easier to use repeatedly. In addition, non-woven environmentally friendly bags can be recycled, reducing the pressure of waste conversion and complying with the concept of environmental protection.

2. Economical
Non-woven environmentally friendly bags have good economic effects. Since the issuance of the plastic restriction order, plastic bags have gradually withdrawn from the packaging market and been replaced by reusable non-woven environmentally friendly bags. Non-woven environmentally friendly bags have a long service life and can replace a large number of plastic bags, thereby reducing the overall cost.

3. Robustness
Non-woven reusable bags are generally stronger than traditional plastic bags. They are tough and resist wear and tear, maintaining their integrity even after repeated use. In addition, laminated non-woven shopping bags also have the advantages of waterproof, good feel and beautiful appearance, making them the first choice for consumers.

4. Promotional advertising effect
Non-woven environmentally friendly bags can not only be used as packaging bags for goods, but also play an advertising role. Their exquisite appearance makes them a stylish shoulder bag and a beautiful addition to the street. Merchants can print their own logos or advertisements on non-woven environmentally friendly bags, which not only saves costs, but also effectively increases the company's brand awareness.

5. Reusability and washability
Non-woven reusable bags can be reused, which makes them more economical than disposable plastic bags. Additionally, they are washable, further increasing their longevity and convenience.

6. Form diversity and personalization
Non-woven environmentally friendly bags come in various styles and can be customized according to the needs of different customers, such as printing advertising LOGOs, marks, etc. This personalized design allows each non-woven environmentally friendly bag to be used as advertising or giveaways.

Although non-woven environmentally friendly bags have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages, such as they cannot directly hold oily things and do not support ready supply. Therefore, when choosing whether to use non-woven environmentally friendly bags, you need to comprehensively consider their characteristics and actual needs.

14: Q: The best place to store non-woven bags

 A:  As a kind of environmentally friendly bag, the choice of storage location of non-woven bags has an important impact on its service life and environmental protection characteristics. Here are the best places to store non-woven bags:

Cool, dry place
Non-woven bags should be placed in a cool, dry environment and avoid humid places, as moisture may cause the bag to degrade, thus affecting the quality and service life of the bag.

Keep out of the sun and rain
Non-woven bags should not be placed outdoors to protect them from the sun and rain. Non-woven bags are easily degraded after exposure to the sun, thus affecting the quality and service life of the bag.

Keep away from corrosive substances
Non-woven bags should be stored away from corrosive substances to prevent damage to the bag 12345.

Reasonably estimate the load
When storing non-woven bags, their load should be correctly estimated to avoid overloading. Non-woven bags are easily damaged if they are often overloaded.

Clean and dry
Non-woven bags should be kept clean before storage and ensure the bags are dry to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold.

Clean regularly
If the non-woven bag becomes dirty during use, it can be cleaned for reuse. Be careful to use mild detergent when cleaning, and dry or blow dry as soon as possible.

in conclusion
To sum up, the best place to store non-woven bags is in a cool and dry environment, away from the sun and rain, away from corrosive substances, with a reasonable estimate of the load and in a clean and dry environment. In addition, regular cleaning is also an important part of maintaining the service life and environmental protection characteristics of non-woven bags. Following these storage methods can help your non-woven bags stay in good condition, extend their lifespan, and support environmental causes.

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