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Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag

2000 pieces
Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag
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Material: Pp
Industrial Use: Grocery
Surface Handling: Gravure Printing
Sealing & Handle: Zipper Top
Custom Order: Accept
Product Name:: Promotional Bag
Color:: Customers
Printing:: CMYK Printing, Gravure Printing,Spot Printing Etc
Handle:: PP Webbing Or Same Material As Body
Function:: Environmental Protection
Size:: Customers Demands
Payment:: T/T, L/C
High Light:

CMYK small laminated tote bags


Gravure Printing small laminated tote bags


50 X 55 X 30cm woven polypropylene shopping bags

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: xiangyun
Model Number: xy-53gh
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 12 pcs /bail ,144 pcs/package for Woven Bag
Product Description

 Laminated  pp woven  bag,handled woven shopper bag

Product Description


Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 0


PP bag






Environmental Protection






Matte / Glossy lamination, 


CMYK printing, Gravure printing,Spot printing etc


PP webbing or same material as body


1-4 C or more; Pantone color


10pcs~12pcs/opp bag, 120pcs~144pcs/carton,or as per customer's request

Sample time


Delivery time

25 days after sample approved,meanwhile based on order quantity.


T/T, L/C, Western Union


Promotion,Gift package,,Shopping,Clothes packing and Retail store.etc





Sample lead time:4-7 days

Samples are free, but the freight should be paid by buyers

Bulk lead time 

28 days after sample approval and deposit paid

Delivery Clause 

FOB ningbo or Shanghai

Terms of payment

T/T,West Union, L/C at sight

 Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 1




Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 2


Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 3Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 4Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 5Gravure Printing Pp Woven Small Laminated Tote Bags Handled Woven Shopper Bag 6




Application of non-woven bags in moving


The application of non-woven bags in moving is mainly reflected in its durability and convenience. Here is the detailed answer:

Characteristics of non-woven bags
Non-woven bags are an environmentally friendly product with the following characteristics:

Durability: The non-woven bag is made of polypropylene material, which is tough and durable and not easy to wear. This allows it to be used multiple times during the moving process, reducing the need for single-use plastic bags.

Convenience: Non-woven bags are easy to carry and store. They can be used as a tool for loading and moving items when moving, improving efficiency.

Environmental protection: Non-woven bags are reusable, help reduce waste generation, and are in line with modern environmental protection concepts.

Application scenarios of non-woven bags
During the moving process, non-woven bags can be used in the following scenarios:

Loading items: Non-woven bags can be used to load books, clothes, tableware and other household items to avoid direct contact with the ground and causing damage to the items.

Carrying items: Due to their strong bearing capacity, non-woven bags can be used as tools for carrying heavy objects, such as furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

Organization and organization: When moving, non-woven bags can help organize and place items, making the entire moving process more orderly.

Advertising: Non-woven bags can be used as a carrier for advertising during the moving process. For example, printing the company's logo or slogan on the bag can increase the company's exposure.

Key points for choosing non-woven bags
When choosing non-woven bags, you should pay attention to the following points:

Material: Choose non-woven bags made of polypropylene raw materials to ensure their durability and environmental protection.

Size: Choose the appropriate bag size according to the items that need to be loaded. Bags that are too large or too small may affect the use effect.

Printing: If you need to print advertisements or logos on the bags, you should choose non-woven bags that support printing and ensure the printing quality.

Price: Compare prices from different suppliers and choose non-woven bags with high cost performance.

To sum up, non-woven bags play an important role in moving, and their durability and convenience make them an ideal choice when moving. At the same time, the environmental protection characteristics of non-woven bags are also in line with the green life concept of modern society.



Are non-woven bags wear-resistant?


Wear resistance of non-woven bags
The wear resistance of non-woven bags is one of the important features that consumers pay attention to when choosing shopping bags. Non-woven bags show better performance in terms of wear resistance.

Material properties of non-woven bags
The raw material of non-woven bags is mainly polypropylene (PP). This material has high strength and toughness and is not easy to break. During the production process, non-woven bags can further improve their wear resistance and durability through different processing technologies and coating processes.

The service life of non-woven bags
Non-woven bags generally last longer than traditional plastic bags. Since non-woven bags can be reused, their loss rate is much lower than that of plastic bags. This means that one non-woven shopping bag can be worth the use of hundreds or thousands of plastic bags.

Market recognition of non-woven bags
Non-woven bags are highly recognized in the market, especially in the context of increasing environmental awareness. As an environmentally friendly product, non-woven bags have been widely welcomed by consumers. Its toughness, durability and aesthetic appeal make it ideal for shopping, packaging, advertising and other areas.

Application range of non-woven bags
Non-woven bags are not only used in shopping occasions, but also widely used in the clothing industry, gift industry, agriculture, medical and health industries. This shows that non-woven bags can maintain good wear resistance in various environments.

in conclusion
Based on the above information, it can be concluded that non-woven bags have good wear resistance and are one of the most popular shopping bag options on the market. However, it should be noted that the wear resistance of non-woven bags may be affected by factors such as coating materials and production processes. Therefore, when choosing non-woven shopping bags, consumers should pay attention to the quality of the product and the reputation of the manufacturer.



What kind of clothes are suitable for storing in non-woven bags?


Non-woven bags for clothing storage
Non-woven bags are widely used for clothing storage due to their lightweight, waterproof, dustproof and durable properties. Not only are they suitable for storing seasonal clothing, such as winter clothing during the summer, but they can also be used to store various types of clothing, including but not limited to:

1. Seasonal clothing
Non-woven bags can be an ideal choice for indoor clothing storage, suitable for clothing storage in all seasons. Whether it is T-shirts and shorts in summer, or cotton coats or down jackets in winter, they can be packed and stored separately in non-woven bags so that you can quickly find the right clothes when needed.

2. Wear accessories
In addition to clothing, non-woven bags can also be used to store various accessories, such as shoes, hats, gloves, etc. They're large enough to easily accommodate different types of accessories, and the base is designed so they can stand up for easy organization and access.

3. Bedding
Non-woven bags are also ideal for storing bedding, such as quilts, comforters, pillows, etc. They can effectively protect bedding from dust and moisture, and can be easily folded when not in use, saving storage space.

4. Curtains and Laundry Bags
Non-woven bags can be used to store curtains and laundry. Their waterproof properties protect your curtains from moisture, while laundry bags help your laundry come out cleaner while protecting your hands from residual moisture.

5. Declutter and organize
Non-woven bags are not limited to the storage of clothing, they can also be used as a tool to organize and organize other items. For example, you can use them to store toys, books, or other household items to help keep your home tidy and organized.

in conclusion
To sum up, non-woven bags are a versatile clothing storage tool suitable for storing various types of clothing and accessories. Their durability and water resistance make them ideal for clothing storage, effectively protecting clothing while saving storage space.



Tips for storing clothes in non-woven bags


Non-woven bags are environmentally friendly and durable items. They can not only be used to hold clothes, but also serve as a storage tool for clothes. Here are some tips for storing clothing in non-woven bags:

1. Choose the right non-woven bag
Choosing a suitable non-woven bag is crucial for the storage of clothing. Non-woven bags should be strong enough to carry the weight of clothing, taking into account the type and quantity of clothing. For example, for heavy winter clothes, you may need to choose a larger-capacity non-woven bag; for summer clothes or underwear, you may choose a smaller-capacity non-woven bag to ensure that the clothes do not rub against each other or wrinkle. .

2. Clean the non-woven bag
Before using non-woven bags to store clothing, you should make sure the bag is clean to prevent the growth of dust mites or other harmful microorganisms. If the non-woven bag is dirty, it should be washed to ensure the safety of the clothes.

3. Selection of storage environment
Non-woven bags should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture, as this may cause the bag to degrade or the clothing to become moldy. If possible, non-woven bags can be placed inside the wardrobe for extra protection.

4. Avoid overloading
In order to ensure the service life of the non-woven bag and the condition of the clothes, you should avoid placing clothes in the bag that exceed its load-bearing capacity. Overloading may cause the bag to rupture and may also cause the garment to be compressed and deformed.

5. Classified storage
Clothes can be sorted and stored according to their type and season. For example, different non-woven bags can be prepared for summer clothing, winter clothing, underwear, etc. for easy access and management.

6. Regular inspection
It is necessary to regularly check the condition of the clothing in the non-woven bag. If there are any damages or stains, they should be dealt with promptly. In addition, non-woven bags should be replaced regularly to maintain their good performance and prevent the breeding of moths.

With the above tips, you can effectively use non-woven bags to store clothes, thereby protecting the quality of your clothes and achieving orderly management. Remember, proper storage is key to ensuring your clothes stay clean, fresh and in good condition.



Comparison of non-woven bags with other storage tools


Non-woven bag is an environmentally friendly and practical storage tool. Its use and performance are different from other types of storage tools. The following is a comparative analysis of non-woven bags and other common storage tools.

1. Comparison between non-woven bags and plastic bags
The biggest difference between non-woven bags and plastic bags is their material and environmental performance. Non-woven bags are usually made of high molecular polymers such as polypropylene or polyester. These materials can be easily decomposed after use, while plastic bags are difficult to degrade due to their stable chemical structure and cause serious pollution to the environment. .

Non-woven bags have higher durability and firmness, are not easily broken, and can be reused, which makes their service life far longer than disposable plastic bags. In addition, non-woven bags have more advantages in printing and can be easily printed and advertised.

2. Comparison between non-woven bags and paper bags
Paper bags are more environmentally friendly in terms of material. They are made of recyclable plant fibers, but paper bags are less durable and strong, are easily damaged, and cannot bear heavy items. In contrast, non-woven bags are tougher and more durable and more suitable for carrying heavier items.

In terms of printing, paper bags can be directly printed with color machines, while non-woven bags need to be printed on the film first and then coated on the non-woven fabric. This process is relatively complicated and costly.

3. Comparison between non-woven bags and canvas bags
Canvas bags are loved by consumers for their thick durability and good load-bearing capacity. However, non-woven bags have advantages in price and portability. Non-woven bags can be folded and are easy to carry around, while canvas bags are relatively heavy and not suitable for frequent replacement.

To sum up, non-woven bags have significant advantages in terms of environmental performance, durability, printing capabilities and price. Although they may not be as good as other storage tools in some specific aspects (such as load-bearing capacity), non-woven bags are undoubtedly a smarter choice in daily life.


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